December 3, 2020

Urban Container Gardening

You don’t need a lot of lands to grow a lot of food.

Growing populations and expanding cities have put more pressure on food security. Larger populations mean more mouths to feed, and with agricultural lands being transformed to accommodate urbanization, many now suffer from starvation and poor nutrition.

The practice of urban container gardening means growing crops in portable and recycled containers, in places where agricultural land spaces are not available. With the help of trellises and good and compact irrigation, urban container gardening allows for crops to be planted in tight spaces and in vertical structures.

This practice is also beneficial in fighting plastic pollution, as containers can be made out of what would otherwise be seen as waste, such as old plastic bottles. 

Is there a better way to provide than that by growing your own food? Through urban gardening, you have a direct choice over what you grow and eat, and you’ll be able to provide yourself with a stable and healthy food supply. HOLY CHILD teachers and students continue to be one in this initiative in fighting plastic pollution and promoting urban gardening.  #HOLYCHILDLeadingTheWay

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