December 3, 2020

HOLY CHILD Community Market

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the personal and companies’ finances across the Philippines and beyond have been affected. With so many business establishments and companies shuttered during the stay-at-home orders, the chances are high that businesses or employers have made cuts in working hours, income, or both.

Because of this, the HOLY CHILD Community Market project was launched with the objective of helping our community, such as our teachers, employees, parents, students, and alumni cope with the financial stress brought by the pandemic.

Through a social media platform (Facebook), the HOLY CHILD Community Market provided an online space for the community to market their food products. Anybody within the HOLY CHILD Community is allowed to sell his or her food products online while others are the ones who buy the food posted.

With the increasing number of FB Group members, the community continues to grow. We saw the need to go out of it and extend the help to our external community.

During the quarantine, the farmers all over the country were also affected by the lockdowns. Thus, one of the main reasons why Community Market was launched was to help our community farmers.

To support sustainable agriculture, improve and increase local access to quality farm products, and respond to the call of farmers in helping augment their income, a partnership with AGRIBIZ of City Agriculture and AGILA Farmers Association has been made. Through this, we were able to link farmers from Marilog and Bukidnon to Holy Child communities. By buying the ‘Bag of Veggies’,  HOLY CHILD Family takes part in the farmers’ journey to success. This way, we help them sell their fresh vegetable products to the community.”

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